Nomadybag is a handmade, Italian designed brand of Bags and accessories. All bags are designed by Nomad #1 and Nomad #2.

100%  of our cow leather is sourced in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and made by a talented young leathersmith and his collaborators in Addis Ababa. 


 NOMAD #1❤

Hello Everyone! 

I am Nomad #1! Born in a small town in Southern Italy, I started exploring the world at a very early age, loving the adventure of exploring new places, new cultures and meeting people from all over the world.  

My passions in Life are Photography, Painting, Fashion, Designing, Cooking and travelling! My artistic personality and will to explore the world was my inspiration to create, no barriers, tolerant, always moving from place to place and love for people and different cultures.

Travelling gave me inner peace and motivation for the future and it brought me to my present lifestyle which is ...Nomad Life!

Since I was a child my parents gave me the chance to travel the world with them. 
When I was a teenager I packed my bags and moved to California. I received my BS and then MBA all the while travelling whenever I had time.

I moved a lot...lived in different places in the world and had the chance to visit many countries ( Brasil, Indonesia, Kenya, France, Morocco, ect ect), but home always remains San Diego.

Through this blog I hope to exchange stories as well as experiences and love for life,  travelling and fashion! 

Smile and Enjoy everyday to its fullest!⚘☉

Nomad #1❤

   NOMAD #2✌

Dear Happy People! 

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Nomad #2. I was born in Upplsala, Sweden and raised between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Los Angeles, California. 

Once done with high school I joined the US ARMY and spent 3 years near Frankfurt, Germany. 

I have also lived in different countries and call San Diego home whenever I am not traveling. 

The nomad way of like has been a part of me from birth. The bags in the Nomadbag Collection reflect that lifestyle in their design as well as purpose. 

On this blog, I will be posting in detail the bags and how they were created as well as trips and places I have taken so far in this journey called life. 

Peace ✌

Nomad #2