Paranda Davis The “Credit Beast”

Often the subject of credit some approach with disdain due to their ignorance of
the subject matter in general, including yours truly. In this social media world, we
live in a world where most get caught up in the hype of fast cars, clothes and other
such accoutrement that blinds them from the truth.

You can’t bling without being financially well-informed.Most don’t know about credit until either their freshman year in college where allthe credit card companies are more than willing to throw a credit card at someone who is too young to understand the ramifications of using it irresponsibly. Others may not accept the reality of it until it’s time to get their first car, apartment or whatever requires a credit check and all those poor choices to purchase that item ofclothing or concert tickets back in your youth and not paying for it hits you hard in
the pocketbook.

The average amount of credit card debt in the United States alone in 2017 is
roughly about $1 trillion dollars, which is more than the gross domestic product
(GDP) of most counties. In 2016 the average amount of credit card debit was
$8377 compared to $7893 in 2015. This 6% increase isn’t slowing down anytime
soon unless we get educated on how credit works.

Some African Americans struggle with the concept of credit, for it was never
taught to us as a positive pill for us to swallow. The trend for banks and credit card
lenders is to increase the annual percentage rate (APR) higher for African
Americans due to their poor credit scores. Paranda Davis is a woman with a positive mission to help bridge the gaps for not just African Americans but to anyone who doesn’t understand how this can work for them instead of against them.

Ms. Davis, a single mother of 6 children, including a foster child, has been using
her credit savvy skills to educate and give financial freedom to those who are in
need of it. She practices what she preaches by educating her children on how to use
credit properly.

Ms. Davis started Davis Future Planning LLC on February 21, 2014 to empower
clients to live in financial freedom. Due to her raising her children, Ms. Davis
wanted to have a job that offered her more flexibility in hours and would hone in
on her skills on finance and monetary products. When she came to the city of
Charlotte NC, she quickly noticed the plethora of payday loans and title for cash
places, which became a red flag for her, for this was clearly evident of consumers
not understanding credit.

“I have shown my clients in numerous times over how, with their help, they can
turn their low credit score into a high one if they follow my instructions. I have
testimonials from several clients who were extremely happy and thankful for the
education I given them.”

Ms. Davis doesn’t just stop there when she takes on a new client, she’s hands on
and available for her clients at any time she is needed.
“I want to give my clients a safe harbor to ask me anything regarding their credit. I
can show them how to turn a $300 credit card into a money-making resource.
Credit should be working for you and not you are working for it.”
Often, she is met with resistance from clients who assume they know more or
refuse to follow her instructions. Even with this attitude, Ms. Davis is positive and
patient with her clients. “Most assume that you can repair credit in a heartbeat and that may not be the case.Some can repair in three months others may take up to a year. All depends up on how you take this challenge.”


Ms. Davis is starting a new Facebook Live titled, “Financial Tip Tuesday”, where
she gives her advice on how credit works and how to repair it. She feels passionate
about this for it’s taking herself outside of her comfort zone and building her
“I’m learning new skills to being able to speak about this service to a wider
platform. Credit isn’t for the few and privileged it’s for everyone that wants more
bang for their buck.”
Ms. Davis is a huge Jay-Z fan and his new album, 4:44, touches on how credit isn’t
used properly by African Americans in general.

“I’m not wealthy yet, but I am financially free. This kind of freedom leads to
wealth and like Jay-Z mentions in, “The Story of O.J.”, you have to make a legacy
to pass unto your children and not leaving them with a financial burden.”
She’s a positive soul who radiates this vibe each day when she’s networking or
meeting new and old clients.”

“Stay focused and surround yourself with positive people who want to see you
succeed. Negativity will only bring negative results and if you’re trying to improve
yourself in anything you cannot let that negative energy weigh you down nor keep
you from seeking your freedom whether it’s financially or spiritually.
Overall, Ms. Davis is an innovator in this paradigm of credit repair and being
financially responsible. She’s a woman with a master plan to show us all that with
the right mindset when it comes to money we all can become credit beasts