André 3000 Has Signed On To Star In Sci-Fi Thriller, 'High Life'


According to VarietyAndré 3000 has signed on to co-star in an upcoming movie called High Life. The movie sounds interesting: it’s about convicts who are offered time off their sentence if they journey to a black hole and find an energy source.

Variety also broke that actress Juliette Binoche will have a starring role. Actors like Robert PattinsonMia Goth, and Lars Eidinger have already signed on to the project, which still doesn’t have a tentative release date.

André 3000 has had quite the career in acting. He’s starred in movies like the Jimi Hendrix biopic Jimi: All Is by My SideSemi-Pro, and Four Brothers.

It will be cool to see him star in some fire sci-fi.

Source: Variety