Scarface will be teaching students at a local high school in his hometown of Houston.


Houston rap legend Scarface is heading back to high school, to teach students as part of a new music entrepreneurship program.

The rapper is will teach at a course centered on the music business at Jack Yates High School.

“We’ll learn how to produce, we’ll learn how to write, we’ll learn how to engineer, we will learn how to make videos,” Scarface told students during a recent visit to Jack Yates High School said. “We will learn how to put our music on a platform for sale and you will be paid for the music if you sell any records.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, a new building is being constructed to house a recording studio for the students, who will earn college credits thanks to a partnership with Houston Community College.

“Ninety percent of the product is not behind the microphone — it’s behind the scenes,” Yates Principal Kenneth Davis said.

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