Is 'sexting' cheating?


Flirting outside of a committed relationship isn't new, but these days there are so many more ways to do it! 'Boundaries can be blurred when people communicate with friends or acquaintances on Kik, text, direct messages, Snapchat, and other platforms,' says Sara Stanizai, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Long Beach, California. Clients who discover a partner has been 'sexting' are often most hurt by the secrecy and lies, she says. 'I tell my clients in this situation that the flirter has to be open about the communication and what they're getting from it.

People who keep these kinds of secrets often feel immense shame about their needs and about the secrets. If they can share that part of themselves with their partners, they have an opportunity to become more open and connected, which can actually bring the two of you closer.'