Here's a Full Recap of Microsoft's 2019 Surface Event

From earbuds to foldable tablets, Microsoft unveiled a variety of new offerings at its Surface event this morning. The most buzzed-about new product from the tech giant is the Surface Neo, a tablet-sized, dual-screen device that opens and closes like a folder. Microsoft opted for two separate screens connected with a hinge instead of taking the foldable screen route a la Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The device looks like a notebook when folded up, as each screen only has a width of 5.6mm.

Due to the versatility of its 360-degree hinge, the Surface Neo is able to fold into a variety of different configurations. When the detachable keyboard is magnetically attached to the body of the device, a “Wonderbar” appears. Offering more features than a standard touch bar, the Wonderbar allows users to stream video via the bar while keeping the main screen open for other functions. Apps can run separately on each screen or be displayed across both of them thanks to Microsoft’s latest edition of Windows 10X, which was designed specifically for the company’s upcoming dual-screen products.