NuPhy Crafts a Mechanical Keyboard That Fits Perfectly With Apple MacBooks

Looking to revolutionize the laptop typing experience, Hard Cider Labs‘ NuPhy division has now developed the world’s first mechanical keyboard that perfectly fits with the Apple MacBook and Microsoft Surface series.

The NuType Mechanical Keyboard was designed to fit securely ontop of existing keyboard setups through a compact and portable design complete with a solid bottom connection. Maintaining the slim construction the keyboard uses Kaihua Choc low profile mechanical switches which are 42 percent smaller than standard switches and provide an enjoyable tactile feel with a limited audible sound for use in all situations. The 64-key design also allows for uninterrupted use of the Force Touch Trackpad, Touch ID, Touch Bar or function keys.

The NuType Mechanical Keyboard comes complete with a specially designed case and can be used with the Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (USB-C series), iPad, iPhone, Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop and Android devices.

With crowdfunding for the project launching November 11, take an in-depth look at the NuType Mechanical Keyboard below and head over to to learn more about the keyboard.

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