Indie Central Media, LLC


IndiesStandUp Media, LLC is an Entertainment and Consulting company based in Houston, TX. We provide a host of services for Independent Artists and Labels and digital publication solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

We Are:

An Entertainment Company

  • Indie Central Records / Indie Central TV

    • Digital Distribution, Licensing, & Publishing Administration

    • YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization

    • Brand Development and Marketing

    • Artist Management and Development

    • Video Distribution

    • Music Documentaries

    • Live Concert Series

Indie Central Radio is a main stage for breaking new music, artist promotion, news, politics, and a broad variety of media entertainment. We are an Independent Artist driven station. Artists on our station are proactive in their own success. We are a licensed broadcaster and pay royalties for all PRO registered music we play. Our program spectrum is designed for the “on the go” social networking fan, as well as the “heard it first” music lover.

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