Here's What It's Like to Fly in a $21,000 USD Plane Seat

Casey Neistat is one lucky dude.

He recently received an upgrade from business class to first class on an Emirates flight from Dubai International Airport to New York City — retail price? A staggering $21K USD — he vlogged the entire experience from start to finish. Quite obviously, Emirates spares no luxury in first class. To justify the outrageous price tag, not only does your seat fully recline, but dutiful flight attendants literally refuse to let you make your own bed. For fans of privacy, there are motorized doors and a fully stocked (and unnecessarily motorized) mini-bar. There’s a menu of delectable delights available for passengers to order from, a la carte-style, whensoever they choose. Neistat opts for the most luxurious thing he can find: caviar. Goodie bags come standard.

After a restful sleep in his fully-reclined sleeper-seat, each and every passenger is treated to 30 minutes in the first-class bathroom — but it’s really more of a spa. There are real orchids, toiletries and five minutes of water pressure, which leaves each passenger with 25 minutes in the bathroom to do whatever they want.

Check the video of the lavish experience out above and prepare for your next trip via Emirates.