Thailand's Z9 Resort Is the Perfect Place for Meditation

Those looking for a tranquil getaway in Southeast Asia can now add Kanchanaburi, Thailand to their list. Z9 (pronounced Zinine) was built for travelers looking for a quiet escape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, all-while giving guests a taste of Thailand’s natural landscapes. With somewhat religious undertones, Z9 was inspired by Moses’ time of meditation when receiving the Ten Commandments; where Moses ventured to the sanctuary of Mount Sinai to recharge his body and soul.

Z9 looks to offer a place free from “chaos and conflict,” hopefully recharging you life energy, while renewing your spirts. The resort offers 15 floating wooden “caves,” a mountain-and-water view, and features a facade mostly constructed in natural materials — there is also a open-air cafe and bakery that makes use of local ingredients. Those interested can find more information over at Z9 Resort’s website.

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