Vashtie Takes Us to Y7's "Upward East Side" Studio — A Yoga Haven for Health-Concious Hip-Hop Fans

Welcome to Y7, where you can find zen practicing your downward facing dog while getting turnt up at the same time. No, this is not your average studio. Sarah Larson Levey first opened the space alongside her husband back in 2013, and it’s been expanding ever since, both in locations and members — the likes of 50 Cent and Rae Sremmurd have attended, for example.

“Sweat drippin’, beat bumpin’, candlelit yoga” is the name of Y7′s game. Each heated, 60-minute class combines vinyasa with hip-hop music, so you might hear Drake, Kanye West or any of your other favorite artists as you flow hard and work to center yourself within.

After recently opening a new space in the Upper East Side — or “Upward” East Side, if you catch the flow — HYPEBAE tagged along with Vashtie, who’s equal parts hip-hop-loving and health-concious, to take a tour and a class. Watch her sit down with Sarah to talk music, practicing yoga in safe spaces and where Y7 is headed next up top.

Y7 Upper East Side
1459 3rd Ave., 4th Floor
New York, NY

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