Slick Rick Makes His 20 Years Return With Two Part Music Video

After 20 years, Slick Rick makes his return with a new music video today. The first half is “Can’t Dance” and the second is “Midas Touch,” which is a remake of “THINK.” The two-for-one video stars Black-ish actor Miles Brown, Instagram dance sensation & World of Dance champion KidaTheGreat, plus featuring French Montana, MC Lyte, YoYo, and DJ Kaos. 

“Music and art is about what moves you and connects to your spirit,” said Slick Rick. “This mini project is all about self-expression, inspiration versus pressure, and being true to thy self. In life, It’s all about what resonates to the very inner fibers of our existence. You feel me?”

The “founding father of bling,” was featured last year in Black Eyed Peas’ “Constant,” and French Montana and Drake’s “No Stylist.” With more than three decades in the world of music, this legend is still striving.

Watch the video above.