Nohemy Tells Us Her Definition of Winning With the Exclusive Premiere of Her Video, "Win"

We all may take a loss here and there, but as Big Sean said in his latest single, we all bounce back. When it comes to the Puerto Rico-native singer Nohemy, she doesn’t take an “L” to the heart and deems it imperative to make sure everyone sees her win. According to her latest music video for “Win” from her most recent EP MidNov, losses are on the backburner, while the finish line is on her mind.

The songstress started her music journey in Puerto Rico sitting in on friend’s studio sessions and penning a few of her own lyrics, but didn’t take music seriously. “I always wanted to make music and I know it was a passion I had, but I never knew how to pursue it,” Noehmy explained. “I took some time and started hanging with people that had the same goals as me and my team now is amazing.” Now, the 22-year-old has made her career as her first priority by starting the of the year with new music, a new video, and a sporty attitude to match the sportswear gear from Champion she’s wearing throughout the visual. Watch the exclusive premiere below, then read our chat with Nohemy about what it really takes to win.

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