Leaf Wishes the World Was "A Little Bit More Fun" for Girls

New York spitter Leaf opens up about her introduction to intersectional feminism, female rap beef and her own collective in a personal interview with Nylon. Pushed to feminist literature from girl-on-girl bullying in high school and an unpleasant sexual experience, at the age of 16 Leaf made it a point to educate herself with feminist literature forming a definition for equality all on her own.

“Feminism doesn’t mean you grow out your armpit hair and it doesn’t mean you don’t shave, and maybe it does. It doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian and it might mean you’re a lesbian. It’s not like a T-shirt you put on every day. It’s not a fashion trend. It’s literally a movement of women who believe in female rights. I think people forget that all the time. Feminism is about fighting for equal rights; it’s not a lifestyle at all.”

She goes on to share that she believes young girls should be taught to “be who [they] authentically” are and encourages this sentiment amongst her female collective, Magnet Bitch Movement. MBM serves as a community of young female entrepreneurs and go-getters that choose to support each other despite of society’s criticisms. Leaf looked up to women who rebelled against social norms like rap legend Missy Elliot.

Leaf is truly a woman on a mission to learn, grow and empower through music and community. Catch the full interview Nylon. Then take a tour of her native New York with our own video here. -VIA


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