Gorillaz Have Launched a New "Mixed Reality App"

Along with their new studio album Humanz, Gorillaz also has a new mobile app to keep fans content. Just a couple weeks until Gorillaz’s first proper LP in six years officially arrives, a “mixed reality app” is presenting the Gorillaz’s music and visuals as a worldwide, immersive experience. Developed for Apple and Android devices, the new Gorillaz app allows fans to enter “the hallowed halls of the Gorillaz house” and listen to playlists curated by members of the act. You can check out the band’s Essex studio, Kong Studios, launch a Gorillaz VR experience, and access the Humanz House Party — “the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations, from Tokyo to Santiago” — all from the comfort of your smartphone.

You can check out a trailer for the new Gorillaz app above, while the product itself is available for download now on Android and iOS. Besides the world of mobile apps, Gorillaz is also set to take over your TV screens soon. -VIA

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