Mac Miller’s LA Songstress NJOMZA Unveils Cinematic “Sad For You” Video

Towards the beginning of the year, Los Angeles songstress NJOMZA dropped a new single known as “Sad For You.” The title track for her latest EP, “Sad For You” served as one of NJOMZA’s biggest records yet and possibly her most successful track of this year. Now, the single has finally received its official music video.

NJOMZA’s vignette for “Sad For You” is directed and edited by Paul Capra, a talented visual artist who has worked on music videos, films and other projects. Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Natalya Yonathan — who is also the video’s assistant director — serve as the piece’s producers, while Six Twenty Six is the production company responsible for the visual.

With Mac Miller’s REMember imprint currently promoting and supporting her work, NJOMZA definitely has a successful career ahead of her; following today’s release, expect much more from where this came from.

You can check out the video for NJOMZA’s “Sad For You” below.

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